Mesilla Valley Radio Club Reflector Service

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Introduction to the MVRC E-Mail Reflector

This webpage describes the Mesilla Valley Radio Club (MVRC) Reflector Service (MVRCRS) used by MVRC members and subscribers to exchange e-mails among members and between members and subscribers.

MVRC members pay an annual dues for the upkeep of the cllub's clubhouse. Subscribers are non-members who have an interest in the activities of MVRC.

The Reflector Service is built upon the free e-mail service offered by

MVRC presently has one Main Group and 17 SubGroups. All members and subscribers are listed on the Main Group. To be on a SubGroup, you must already be on the Main Group.

New MVRC members are invited to join the Main Group by e-mail. The new member only has to reply to the invite message to be automatically added to the Main Group.

New subscribers can send an e-mail to "" and a moderator will allow the subscription to complete.

The first few e-mails sent by new additions to the Main Group are moderated to weed out spamers. If their message is not spam, moderation control is removed for the user and all future message will pass through automaticallly.

After a new member or new subscriber is in the Main Group, they can automatically subscribe to one or more of the sub groups by sending an e-mail to "". Change "group" to the actual group name. The group names can be found below.

Some sub groups are not open to members or subscibers and are controlled by the MVRC leadership. Sub Group restrictions are provided in the tables below.

MVRC E-Mail Reflector Groups

Group E-Mail Address Restrictions Description
Main 0 All MVRC Members and Subscribers.
2M 0 For those sharing an interest in the weekly on-air 2M radio sessions and helping is MVRC Special Events.
Admin 1,2,3 MVRC Administrators.
BBHN 1 For those sharing an interest in building and maintaining the MVRC BroadBand HamNet.
BL-72 1 For those sharing an interest in building and launching radio beacon balloons.
Board 3 Members of the MVRC Board of Directors.
Builders 1 For those sharing an interest in building radio equipment.
Builders-Moderators 1,2 For those sharing an interest in moderating building projects.
CW 0 For those sharing an interest in learning Morse Code.
G4 1 MVRC Members who volunteer to modernize the club's website.
JS8Call 0 For those sharing an interest in using JS8Call digital mode.
Linux 0 For those sharing an interest in learning Linux Operating System.
Members 1 MVRC Members only for distributing private club information.
QRSS 0 For those sharing an interest in the QRSS digital mode.
Repeaters 1 For those sharing an interest in maintaining the MVRC Repeaters.
Testers 1 For those sharing an interest in testing the Reflector Service when changes are made.
Trustees 1,3 For communication among the MVRC Trustees and MVRC Board Members.
VEs 0 Qualified Volunteer Examiners to conduct FCC Licensing tests.

MVRC Reflector Group Restrictions

The above table of MVRC Reflector Groups above has a column captioned as "Restrictions". The Restrictions are a coded number. The codes and their meaning are:

Reflector Service Comands

The MVRC Reflector Service allows commands to be embedded into e-maill messages. The command is inserted between the Group Name and the "at-the-rate-of" symbol (@). For example, '" requests send the originator instructiions on using the MVRC Main Group list. The required content in the subject and body is based on the Command.

The supported commands and their Subject and Body requirements are:

Command Subject Content Body Content Function
+subscribe Empty Full name, call sign, mailing address, telehone Originator requests to be added to the named MVRC Group.
+unsubscribe Empty Reason Originator requests to be removed from the named MVRC Group.
+owner Message subject Message Message to the owner of the MVRC Group.
+help Empty Empty Originator requesting help in using the MVRC Reflector Service.

How to Subscribe to the Reflector Service

To Subscribe to any MVRC Group, you must be on the Main Group List first. Join the Main Group by sending an e-mail to "' with the required information in the Subject and Body.

The Group owners will be notified and act on your request causing you to receive a response by e-mail.

To join any other Group, send an e-mail to "', be sure to change the "subgroup" in the address to the actual SubGroup name. For SubGroupp subscriptions, you can leave the Subject and Body fields empty.

How to Unsubscribe from the Reflector Service

To unsubscribe from a MVRC Group, send an e-mail to "'. Change "group" in the address to either "Main" or a SubGroup name. If you unsubscribe from the "Main" Group, you will be unsubscribed from al MVRC Groups. Please indicate a reason for unsubscribing.

How to Handle Spam

First, there should not be any spam. The e-mail address of new subscribers must pass the smell test, i.e. must look like something a real person would have. Most spamers create random character addresses.

Second, all messages originating from non-registered addresses are automatically moderated. The moderator will decide if the message is spam and if so will delete the message without notification to the sender. If the message is not considered spam, the moderator will let the message be delivered. Thus, non-registered addresses may send messages to MVRC groups after passing a moderator.

If you do get a spam message, just delete it. If you mark it as spam, you will automaticaly be unsubscribed by MVRC has no control of this. If you get unscribed, you will receive a notice from on how to resubscribe.

Allowed Message Content

Keep messages on Ham Radio. Selling personal Ham gear is okay. Recommending a commercial product is okay if you state why you are personally recommending the product, where you purchase it and for what price and provides the product's URL.

Complaints about your message may cause your future messages to be moderated. If moderated you will be given a chance to bring your message into compliance.

Unallowed Message Content

Don't write anything that will keep you out of heaven!. Don't write about poitics, religion, or people. Remember, every message is archived for future review.

Complaints about your message may cause your future messages to be moderated. If moderated you will be given a chance to bring your message into compliance.